Divine Whisper

Inspiration presented through Divine Whisper… For a few weeks I had wracked my brain trying to decide what my next sculpture should be. This part of the creative process is more difficult than [...]

Bayanihan Spirit

Bayanihan Spirit was inspired by the true story of a World War II Filipino Soldier’s escape from his captors.  This piece is a tribute to love, sacrifice, and courage…the Bayanihan Spirit. It all [...]


Have you ever met someone and liked them instantly? It happens so rarely that when it does, it really sticks with you. That is exactly how I felt when I first met my daughter-in-law, Catherine, [...]

How Do You Do That?

When someone sees one of my figurative sculptures they inevitably ask many questions. Typical questions include: “How do you do that?”; “What is it made of?”; “Is it dipped in some kind of [...]

Why Bronze?

Why Bronze? There is a one word answer for this question: “Durability”! Bronze is virtually indestructible. It stands the test of time. Even under the best of circumstances, painting, drawings, [...]

My Process

People ask me: “What is your process?” My answer might sound a little “new agey”, but here goes my explanation. I begin by centering myself, I am still and I remain watchful – listening & [...]


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