Artist Bio

Laurie Barton is a contemporary sculpture artist specializing in figurative sculpture. Her works reflect a wide range of subject matter from historic to fashion. Fluidity of movement and attention to detail are hallmarks of her work. She has an intrinsic passion for people and incorporates this into her work by highlighting causes which raise consciousness for positive causes. She is self-taught and began Barton Sculptures in 2001. She resides in Stafford, Virginia. She holds a master’s degree in mental health counselling and is a practicing psychotherapist. Her work can be seen at the National War College, The Industrial College of the Armed Forces, Washington DC; The Naval Post-Graduate School, Monterey, California; Ave Maria University, Ave Marie, Florida; Union Station, Washington, DC, as well as in private collections. Additionally, she was named the official artist of Nolcha Shows, New York Fashion Week 2017.


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